The staff of the SOKOL Foundation are working people who have devoted many years to perfection in their favorite business. This is an association of teachers and students: people of different ages and professions, promoting a healthy lifestyle, respect for knowledge, arts and other universal values. This is a space of genuine art and a circle of intellectual leisure, where the path to the main thing opens - a meaningful and happy life.
We work with professional leading production centers, not only in Russia, but also abroad. These are theater groups, technical staff, sound, lighting and musical equipment, sound recording studios, theater dressing rooms, workshops for making scenery, life-size puppets and costumes, equipment for filming videos and films, and most importantly, a huge creative potential.
Along with our own projects and programs of the Foundation, we provide support in organizing various events of any complexity.

Please send your applications and proposals to the mail of the SOKOL Foundation: 

Within one day, our administrators will contact you and answer your questions.

We look forward to our fruitful cooperation!